About She Cares

Unpaid carers in New Zealand are twice as likely to be female, devoting an amazing average of 30 hours a week to caregiving on top of any paid work and other family commitments.

The choice to care for someone who is unwell, elderly, or has a disability or injury means many women suffer financially as a result; they earn 10% less than Kiwis without caring responsibilities and can't easily save for their own retirement – while saving the country billions of dollars.

To show them we value their contributions to family life, society, and the economy, Carers NZ have been rallying for a better respite and funded care system with our She Cares campaign.

Contact us for a free info pack (including a few fun surprises!). Read our coalface stories of what caring is like, and help carers connect with each other for fun, sharing, and time out. Let a woman who cares know “it's not all up to you”.

Listen, ask if you can help, and make sure she gets the information and support she needs to stay well herself.

Are you a health professional or part of an organisation? Hold a fun event for women carers and let us know about it - we'll help with promotion and provide free infopacks!

Employers, you can do this too; one in 8 of every employees in NZ has caring responsibilities.

Any organisation can contact us to request bulk infopacks for carers in their networks. Infopacks contain resources every carer should know about, plus some fun surprises!

If you would like a copy of our She Cares poster to put up in your home or office, to help us promote awareness of New Zealand's women caregivers, you can download it here.