A little time out can make all the difference

While this is true, we know that having breaks isn't always easy for carers. We've made you a little gift to help you get mini breaks throughout the day.

The time out carers crave

In a Facebook competition, we asked carers what they love to do if and when they are able to take some time out for themselves. They told us simple things boost their spirits and keep them going ...

“I would love to sit in the sunshine and do some knitting.”
“Crafting, or having a cuppa sitting on the deck and admiring nature.”
“I like to treat myself to the odd massage. After picking my daughter up constantly or getting jumped on or my neck pulled it is so nice and relaxing.”
“Potter in my garden to harvest some veges for dinner.”
“Reading a book is my way of relaxing; it can take me to another place.”
“Blasting some music whilst relaxing in a hot bath, drinking red wine with a face mask on, and daydreaming.”
“Walk, walk, walk. Up the hills along a beach anywhere.”
“I like to go where there is water, a lake or by the sea. Very peaceful.”
“Taking the grandchildren to the park...the best medicine to relax is watching the kids laugh and play!”

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